Welcome to the Worldfall Campaign!

Or rather, the Worldfall campaign setting [under construction]. This is where I am (slowly) building the setting which I plan to use if I ever get tired of Eberron.

The seeds of this campaign have been in my head for many years, at least as far back as the second edition of AD&D. The campaign is set in an alternate world (working name “Adanth”) which moves about the multiverse is a more-or-less Brownian fashion, and from time to time comes into contact with other worlds.

During “worldfall”, as this phenomenon is called, it is possible, to travel back and forth from the other world to Adanth. Such travel occurs most easily in areas of great similarity between the two worlds, generally areas of pristine wilderness or at sea.

Since such travel can be unintentional, the intelligent population of Adanth is composed of the descendants of travellers from other worlds who became stranded when they inadvertently crossed the boundary between worlds. It is a sparsely populated world, peppered with cultures built by refugees from other worlds. Since those cultures are often isolated from each other, they are marked by widely different customs and levels of technology — and magic.

I am publishing aspects of the setting here in order to solicit feedback from my players and other GMs. The GM section can be found in the Adventurer Log, since that is the only part of the site that allows public comment. The players’ section will be in the Wiki, since my players can give me feedback directly.